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Black Magic & Blood Money Tee

Believe nothing, question everything.


Mineral wash T-shirt which combines black, charcoal, and grey into an eye-catching smoky blend. The patterning on each shirt is unique and may vary from these images due to the custom nature of the production process.


The left breast of the front of the shirt features the sigil of the Sunt Umbra, the shadowy antagonist of the NORMUNDY Universe. The back of the shirt features a large print of BLACK MAGIC BLOOD MONEY inside the Sunt Umbra hourglass with a blood drop falling from the bottom of the design, alongside the NORMUNDY logo. The shirt also has white stitching at the seams.



This shirt runs a little smaller than our other apparel offerings. If you are on the fence between sizes, choose the larger of the two.

Black Magic & Blood Money Tee

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