Findlay Hat - The Human Connection

We teamed up with Findlay Hats to bring you this very special collaboration Collector's Item! The visual concept for this very limited run (24 units) of custom hats was inspired by our song THE HUMAN CONNECTION. Mimicking the cover art, our Trench logo is featured on the front of the hat with a DNA double helix coiled around it. The double helix is purple on one side and blue on the other.


This aesthetic was also brought to the laces on the front of the hat. The lace will be an intertwining braid of purple and blue (NOTE: the image here only shows blue, but the final hat will feature both purple and blue lace).


Additionally, the wooden clip which holds the lace at the center of the front of the hat will feature a carved double helix strand, bringing the entire piece together.


As a cherry on top, we've added a custom print on the inside of the hat which features the handwritten signature of each band member, along with a special note inspired by the lyrics of THE HUMAN CONNECTION.


Like all other products produced by Findlay Hats, this item will have a guaranteed lifetime warranty through Findlay. If your hat is ever damaged or destroyed, please visit for instructions on repairs or returns.


Grab your limited-edition hat now, because we will not be getting more once these are gone!

Findlay Hat - The Human Connection